Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Basic Shell Commands

Wiping the screen

 -- to clear a screen full of text on a terminal, just type in CLEAR from the command line.    i.e    : clear

Finding out what is in a directory

-- ls, can be remembered as a list (Acronym) of what is in that directory.
          i.e   : ls

Changing Directories

  -- When the command shell opens, it opens in your own, home directory, usually 'root'. If you ever need to return to your own home directory, just enter cd and press return.  i.e   : cd /home/guest   -- will open guest directory

Moving or Renaming Files 

-- If yout want to rename to xxx.blah, the command is mv xxx.blah    i.e.    : cp source_file  destination_file    /    mv source_file  destination_file


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