Saturday, October 8, 2011

Play on LINUX


PlayOnLinux is sofware which allows you to easily install and use games and softwares designed to run with Microsoft®'s Windows®.
In this Part I of this tutorial we shows you how to install PlayOnLinux and howto install softwares, games on With PlayOnLinux:

Part I : Installing PlayOnLinux :

2- Choose your Linux distribution in my case i choosed Mandriva,for Linpus users choose Fedora.
3-Download the signature(The signature is a verification key of the authenticity of the content.) :
NB: Actually Mandriva users can download the PlayOnLinux from the package manager or by typing the command as root :
urpmi playonlinux
save it on your desktop
4- add the signature by using this command on your terminal
go to your desktop under Root type the command:
cd /home/zinovsky/Desktop/
add the key by using the command :
rpm --import rpm.gpg for AspireOne Linpus users use sudo rpm --import rpm.gpg
5- Now download the package by clicking on package PlayOnLinux
For fedora and Linpus (Aspire One) here is the packege :
for Mandriva folow the stepos to download the package as described below.
folow the steps as described on the pictures below:
save the key on your desktop
After Go to Play on linux package see photo above Pic-2-
Now click on the link to install PlayOnLinuxPic 4
Enter your root password
then Click Ok :
PlayOnLinux is installing :

After installation is done. You will find your PlayOnLinux on Menu--->Games--.PlayOnLinux

-Part II : install softwares and games from playonlinux :

1-Open go to Menu--> Games and open PlayOnLinux
2-Go to Multimedia :
Pic IT2
3-Choose ITune and click on Apply , a new screen will appear showing the beginig of the installation.
Pic IT3
click forward then will PlayOnLinux will start downloading Itune:
Pic IT4
4- Now click Next and accpt licence before to continue
5 6
PicIT5 Pic IT-6
5-Click install then next , after a screen will appear informing if you want to activate autorun just click yes.
7 8
Pic IT-7 Pic IT-8
ITune is installing
Pic IT-9
6-Click finish
Pic IT10

7-Now PlayOnLinux will ask you to create shotcuts on your desktop and Menu see pic :
pic IT-11

Click forward 2 times and is Down Itune is installed. You will find a shotcuts on your desktop see pic below
And is done, the same way of installation if you want to add install more softwars.
This tutorial did show you how to install software or games that are already listed onPlayOnLinux.
For installing games , open your PlayOnLInux and go to games, then choose your game that you want to install and folow the instructions untill the game is installed, you can choose to install the game from your cd/DVD or from your desktop iso file.
In my next Tutorial Part III will show you how to install an external software with PlayOnLinu.
Here is a video explaining how works playonlinux :
Please your feedback will be appreciated.
Please report if worked for you or not by commenting the article, if you have any issue during the installation please post it in the forum by opening new topic

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